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Welcome to the Go-Mommy Medjugorje Foundation. 

There are three main objectives of this website:

     1. To raise funds through the sale of our two books, The Evangelization of Warren Buffett by Mother Mary and The Last Testament of Mother Mary. After Gospa Jam expenses and a certain stock purchase, all net income from the sale of the two versions (print and ebook) of each of these two books will be used by the Go-Mommy Medjugorje Foundation to provide free counseling to victims of any age who have suffered childhood sexual, physical, verbal, and/or emotional abuse.

      2. To provide updates on the ownership status of Warren's Holy Rosary, or my continued lazy, worthless, inept attempts to courier this breathtakingly powerful rosary to Warren.  
      3. To provide information on the organization of Gospa Jam this September 10-15 in Mostar, Bosnia/Herzegovina. Gospa Jam is the musical centerpiece to the world-wide Party I am throwing for Mother Mary this fall in Mostar, a mere spittin' distance from Medjugorje.

Omaha's Most Worthless Crippled Courier Not So Worthless After All!  Warren Buffett's Holy Rosary Delivered to Mark Sundermeier, Assistant to Warren at Berkshire Hathaway, on June 12, 2012, at Caffeine Dreams in Omaha.

Don't worry, Warren, I'll get you up to speed. Your Rosary kicks off the official notification to a blind world the Second Coming of Christ is and has been occurring for the past 31 years in Medjugorje. Jesus sent his Mother back to teach this world about about the true meaning of Oneness. Mom and I agree, Warren. We think he did enough the first time around. Bog!

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Warren Buffett, this is a true story. I have your Holy Rosary from Mother Mary. Please take it from me. Please! It's too precious! It's too powerful!

In September of 2007, Jozo Ostojic-Josic, the Great Stone Artist of Medugorje, created for Warren Buffett the most unique and powerful rosary the world has ever seen. Jozo enlisted my reluctant help as courier of this priceless work of art because I am from Warren's hometown of Omaha. Failing at every attempt to deliver, in prayer Mother Mary suggested a business proposal.

And what a proposal it is! First, I had to start a non-profit corporation, the Go-Mommy Medjugorje Foundation, to spread Mom's word and provide free therapy for victims of childhood sexual abuse. Then we offered a wager to Warren that an apparition will occur on September 9, 2012, in Medugorje (What? Mom!) Secondly, with Warren's help, we want to beat Fatima and set the all-time apparition attendance record. Thirdly, we have to organize Gospa Jam, a six-day music fest I want to throw for Mom in Mostar. Then I'm going to stop using Warren's rosary. It's wearing me out!

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In Medjugorje, Mother Mary has been appearing since June 24, 1981, to six Croatians. Through these six visionaries, Mother Mary has guided us on a path of spiritual conversion involving five steps: Pray from the heart and pray the Rosary daily; Attend the Lord's Supper and receive the Eucharist; Read and prayerfully meditate on Holy Scripture daily; Fast on Wednesdays and Fridays; Monthly confession.

Along with an in-depth look into these five steps, Mother gives some historical background into Medjugorje, gazes at signs and wonders, and discusses the unfolding of the Secrets of Medjugorje. Before ending with some final considerations, Mother Mary gives her final public message for the Church, and through the form of a letter, issues a personal plea to her children in the United States of America.

You may rest assured this loving last testament has been authored by one well attuned to our Mother's voice.

Ebooks available here!

The Last Testament of Mother Mary ebook may be purchased at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/149295 or at affiliated Smashwords retailers.

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